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How to Keep Live Fishing Bait Alive

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Everyone knows that when it comes to bait fishing, live bait works best. Live bait is nature’s way nature’s way of assisting you with the catch, be it through the natural scent from the bait that draws fish or the movements that even the most expensive lures can’t mimic. The only problem that can be found when using live bait, is how to keep it alive and feisty for the catch, and this guide is here to give some tips to do just that.

Use a Baitwell

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A baitwell is a better version of the bucket that many fishers keep their bait in. The baitwell is insulated and has the ability to regulate the water temperature and consistency to far better than a bucket could.

Water Temperature

In water, the temperature regulates how much oxygen is held in the water along with the metabolisms of the fish that breathe it. This is a problem for preserving live bait in the summer months because as the temperature of water and metabolisms of fish increase, the oxygen level of the water decreases causing fish to suffocate. One of the simplest ways to combat this is to add ice. Keeping your water five degrees cooler than the lake will give your bait an extra jolt once they hit the warmer lake water.

Circulate Oxygen

When it comes to keeping bait alive, oxygen circulation is key. Most fisherman simply use a spray nozzle and a bilge pump. While a working way to recirculate water inside the tank, it can be improved on. The use of a diffusion stone will greatly increase the oxygen saturation of the water inside your baitwell due to its ability to release oxygen bubbles into the water. This process will actually add to the oxygen level in your baitwell instead of only recirculating the oxygen already in your water