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A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.

DIY Fishing Baits from Recycled Materials


  Many people have been wasting money by buying new poor quality fishing baits that are not effective. These fishing baits are easily damaged hence resulting to loss of money and time wastage at the same time. Fishing baits are easy to construct with the availability of many recyclable materials around you. Here are some […]

How to Keep Live Fishing Bait Alive

fishing bait alive

  Everyone knows that when it comes to bait fishing, live bait works best. Live bait is nature’s way nature’s way of assisting you with the catch, be it through the natural scent from the bait that draws fish or the movements that even the most expensive lures can’t mimic. The only problem that can […]

How to Choose Bait Supplies

Choose Bait Supplies

  Choosing the right bait can be the difference of making the catch of your life and not catching anything at all. Following these steps should get you casting a line in the right direction. Know Your Fish The first step in choosing your bait is to know what fish you will be catching with […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bait Fishing


Know the Fish Before any successful fishing trip, you will want to know the fish you are going to try to catch. This will determine where you go to catch the fish, what bait you use, and many other traits of the fishing trip. Choosing Bait